La Finca

Tucked away in a reclusive area, this private residential home is surrounded by the serene landscapes of rice fields and the distant murmur of a nearby river. The client wanted the project to embody traditional Spanish-style homes, drawing upon design elements from Spanish colonial building styles. The allure of the building comes from its core materials, locally sourced marble, stone, and ironwood, which create the sense that the building has stood the test of time. The roof, assembled with terracotta clay tiles imported from Spain was an integral element that adds to the authenticity of the design.

The brief was to combine rustic design with Spanish eclecticism, as each room was designed to have its own character. This attention to detail is prominent in the master bathroom, with its built-in bathtub and hand-painted tiles. The two guest bedrooms, distinct with its feminine attributes, features soft and lush pink tones that are contrasted with handmade wooden furnishing and cement tiles. Vintage rugs, custom hand-carved mirrors, fixtures, and carved elements were integrated throughout the project to add depth and texture, bringing the spirit of Southern Spain to life.