Nusa by Suka

Outdoor Area: 134 sqm
Built Area: 154

NUSA by Suka Group is located in Nusa Dua’s hotel sector, historically known as a haven for five-star hotels in Bali. The restaurant and bar proudly sit as the only fine modern establishment for casual dining in the area with a comfortable environment and live music. The intention was to create a sensory experience that felt raw and organic aimed towards family-orientated patrons. The stucco walls create a textural element that feels and appears rough. The indoor flooring was an experimental collaboration with the construction team, in which poured concrete is stamped with plywood to achieve a rough texture.

The interiors follow the rustic and organic approach of the project’s exterior to create a flow of space that makes you feel comfortable and welcomed. As we enter the indoor dining area, we are greeted with the warmth of recycled wood tables, leather chairs, and a coffee bar made with locally sourced stone. To complement the earthy color palette, decorative pieces such as organic-shaped bamboo mirror frames and a statement painting harmonize the space. Flooded with natural light, the outdoor area is filtered by a veranda draped with sparsely cascading plant vines. The cocktail bar features hand-made cement tiles and antique brass giving a sophisticated feel. A key design element is the custom lamps which add a vibrant and retro twist that complements both the coffee and cocktail bar. We explored a combination of different contrasting materials ranging from resin, terracotta to metal that elevates the rustic feel of the space into a more contemporary design.