Nusa Restaurant Ubud

Location: Ubud, Bali
Built Area: 404 sqm

Welcome to our latest interior design restaurant project, where our approach aimed to craft a space that balances warmth and sophistication. Our goal was to create an environment that feels not only inviting but also elevated, where every element contributes to a sense of luxury without losing touch with a grounded, humble feel.

Key to achieving this ambiance was our careful selection and integration of materials. Onyx and marble played pivotal roles in adding a touch of opulence and refinement. The translucent properties of onyx, delicately illuminated in strategic places, imbue the space with a soft, ethereal glow, while the sleek elegance of marble accents throughout elevate the overall aesthetic.

To maintain a sense of humility and connection to the local context, we incorporated locally sourced recycled wood. This decision not only supports sustainability efforts but also infuses the space with a rustic charm and authenticity. The craftsmanship evident in the woodwork contributes to a bespoke feel, underscoring the space’s uniqueness and inviting atmosphere.

Throughout the design process, we focused on harmonizing these elements—luxurious materials with locally inspired craftsmanship—to achieve a space that feels both sumptuous and approachable. The result is an interior that welcomes visitors with a sense of warmth and comfort while also leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and timeless elegance.